Evan Lee Jensen back in the news!

For years a man by the name of Evan lee Jensen has been using our tried-marked name to slam others on line,

we do indeed have the legal documentation showing that he has stolen our triad mark name ( please see Below)

legal ownershit documents

now Evan is best known in the field of the paranormal as a child pedophile.

and convicted kidnapper who did 3 of 10 years in prison and is today still under the watchful eye of law enforcement. who has been trying to serve him on a few warrants.

evan Kidnappingcourtcase1

at his home at the address of 2406 Harrison Street Apartment # 9 Milwaukie OR 97222

phone number is -1-503-781-7504

Now Evan lee Jensen has used the sight to stalk woman in the paranormal field . and has even used it to troll for under-aged children.

once he is found out he will often place lies about the person that caught him doing it. and post lies about them.

one woman is a woman by the name of Leslie who called him out on being a Navy Seal.

you can see all the documents on the sight below.





please take the time to go look at the documented facts and make some calls the court case number is on the court document.

so we have decided to let the victims of Evan lee jensen tell their story’s on this sight so that we may be able to help the paranormal in knowing the true dangers of this convicted kidnapper and known child pedophile.

if you would like you’re story told please just message us and we will post it on this sight.







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